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Announcing Program Management Innovations in Nonprofit Cloud

By Norah Stevens-Kittner October 17, 2019

Announcing Program Management Innovations in Nonprofit Cloud

Salesforce has been delivering innovation and solutions to connect customers and businesses for more than twenty years. Starting with customer relationship management, this has evolved to include personalized customer experiences across industries and helping businesses get a 360-degree view of the customer.

At Salesforce, we believe that nonprofits deserve the same leading technology to connect with their constituents and deliver innovation at scale to achieve their missions.

That’s why we’re expanding our Nonprofit Cloud capabilities and are announcing solutions to streamline service delivery to reach more clients and deliver tailored programs at scale. Today, we’re announcing our commitment to build new Nonprofit Cloud Case Management and adding key Program Management functionality in the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

By combining programs, staff, and clients with the same best-in-class solutions for fundraising, marketing communications and engagement, nonprofits will have a comprehensive solution to better understand and share impact across their entire mission.

Expanding Upon the Nonprofit Success Pack

Salesforce first introduced the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) more than ten years ago to deliver an industry-standard data model built in partnership with our community. Now, more than 40,000 trailblazing customers rely on NPSP’s powerful fundraising and engagement capabilities.

While nonprofits have been using Nonprofit Cloud and NPSP for years to manage their programs, by adding key program management functionality, Salesforce is making it easier and faster for nonprofits to get started managing programs.

Nonprofits will be able to:

  • Manage service delivery-related operations by tracking program engagements and services for clients, beneficiaries, and even cohorts
  • Extend with existing Salesforce program management solutions as programs scale
  • Make better decisions by being able to view programs, fundraising, and engagement data in a single system

Enhancing Case Management

The new program management functionality lays the groundwork for our future innovations in program and service delivery like the new Nonprofit Cloud Case Management, built to increase efficiencies for case managers at small and medium-sized nonprofits. These service providers can reach more clients while maintaining the personalized care that each individual deserves, with the ability to:

  • Surface the most critical information to plan out their day with outstanding tasks and which clients need immediate attention on the home page dashboard
  • Manage case plans to track goals, milestones, and action items as the client engages through a program(s)
  • Document case notes while it’s top of mind, save it as a draft and revisit when you have more time. Create custom tags to make it easy to sort through and report on what types of meetings you’re spending the most time on
  • Search for clients intuitively based on the different ways people want to provide data about themselves
  • Track and respond to incidents clients have been involved with in a timely fashion
  • Understand more about your clients by delivering assessments to determine how a client’s circumstances are changing over time
  • Prove the value of your programs with reports on the impact of programs and drill into insights at the individual program level

A view of a client’s contact record in the new Nonprofit Cloud Case Management is helping nonprofits drive unprecedented social change through innovative technology solutions. By partnering with the nonprofit community, we aim to help nonprofits achieve their mission, now and in the future, as demands grow and change. solutions are scalable and flexible for every nonprofit type, regardless of size, cause area, or mission, helping to drive impact across the entire sector.

Stay tuned for more details on these new products and features. We’ll be sharing more about these products, as well as many more innovations, at Dreamforce. For more on what announcements you can expect at Dreamforce, check out this article and follow #DF19 on Twitter!

We want to thank our incredible nonprofit community and partner ecosystem for working along-side our Nonprofit Cloud product team to ensure these tools are built the way you need to drive more impact with your clients. End users at organizations such as Cincinnati Works and Second Harvest Food Bank and so many more have invested their time and provided their expertise to make sure these are the best possible solutions for nonprofit organizations serving their communities.

We are looking forward to continuing the conversation around our newest innovations next week at the NetHope Global Summit. As a NetHope partner since 2011, the Summit gives us a chance to network, learn from, and collaborate with global NGOs who are doing service delivery in some of the most challenging environments. Come check us out at our booth right outside of the main plenary room to learn more about our newest innovations and how you can get involved.

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February 3, 2020 – Revised to remove references to volunteer management.