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Announcing Nonprofit Cloud

By Rob Acker June 13, 2018

Changing How We Change the World

A quarter of a million students walked out in March on National School Walkout Day; millions of people took to the streets to march in the Women’s March this year and last. These are just a few examples that underscore the unprecedented times we’re living in when it comes to social change.

Women’s March on Washington

Photo credit: Molly Adams, via Flickr

People want to get involved now, more than ever before. But at the same time, demand for nonprofit programs and services is on the rise. This creates an opportunity and a challenge. How do you capture this wave of social fervor and turn it into lasting relationships? And how do you simultaneously keep up with increased demand for their programs and services?

This is where technology meets mission success.

In response to all of this, nonprofit trailblazers like Easterseals,, and Anti-Defamation League are literally changing how they change the world.

They’re transforming the way they work — from internal coordination and reporting, to constituent engagement and program management. We’ve called it “digital transformation,” or “the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” or “becoming a Connected Nonprofit.” Whatever you call it, these nonprofits are harnessing the power of cloud technology to connect their organizations like never before. And what is most impressive is that they are accelerating their impact.

We’re seeing the industry trend toward adopting a unified platform to track and manage all of your data about constituents, fundraising, programs, and impact.

Nonprofit CloudThat’s what we’re building with Nonprofit Cloud.

With Nonprofit Cloud, nonprofits like yours can:

  • Gain a complete view of your constituents and your mission
  • Track and measure impact in real time
  • Raise more resources by unlocking donor data, and
  • Take every constituent on their own personal journey

Nonprofit Cloud for nonprofit reporting and big data
Nonprofit Cloud in action, bringing the power of Einstein Analytics to allow nonprofits to explore fundraising data in real time.

So you might be asking, what’s new with Nonprofit Cloud? There are three main ways we’re increasing our investment in your success:

  • Nonprofit Cloud Kits, which will take some of the confusion out of getting started or taking the next step on the platform. There are a lot of tools in the Nonprofit Cloud toolbox, and it’s not always easy to know which one is right for your organization. With Kits we’re bringing together the right set of products and solutions for different types of organizations. Our first one, Growth Kit, helps small and medium-sized nonprofits get started with CRM and marketing automation.
  • Accelerated Roadmap: Nonprofit Cloud represents our renewed commitment to building solutions for the nonprofit sector. Salesforce and invest more than $1 billion every year in innovation, and for Nonprofit Cloud this means that we are bringing nonprofits the solutions they’ve been asking for.

    • In the area of Fundraising, we’re making it easier to get your data in and out of the platform, with our new Lightning Batch Gift Entry tool in NPSP, as well as the Data Storage Optimizer to streamline report generation.

    • For Program Management, we’re building Einstein Analytics for Impact to help nonprofits track, measure, and manage the impact that their programs are having. We want to make it easier to identify what is and isn’t working, faster, and report on outcomes to supporters, funders, and board members.

    • And in Marketing and Engagement, we’re also innovating, with drag-and-drop journey building in Marketing Cloud and integrated Surveys to help you gather feedback from your community.

  • Success Resources: Customer Success is one of our core values, and we know that success looks different for every organization. Our entire portfolio of success resources is ready to support your Nonprofit Cloud journey. That includes free, self-guided resources like Trailhead and our success webinars, and also our premium support like Premier Success Plans, Accelerators, and Success Services. And of course, you can find and connect with thousands of other Nonprofit Cloud users from around the world in the Power of Us Hub community.

Here are some trailblazing nonprofits who are leading the way:

  • Wildlife Conservation Society: WCS set an ambitious goal to engage 5 million people in their mission by 2020, driving new supporters to donate, volunteer, sign a petition, or visit one of their zoos or aquariums. To do that, WCS used Nonprofit Cloud to launch a multi-channel engagement strategy to attract millions of new constituents.
  • Hamilton Families: With Nonprofit Cloud, Hamilton Families is taking on the homelessness crisis in San Francisco. Their case management and housing database tools, powered by Nonprofit Cloud, are getting more families into permanent homes, faster.
  • Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH) Charity: Every day at GOSH, 618 children arrive, 53 children undergo life-threatening operations, and 644 potentially life-changing research studies are active. The GOSH charity uses Nonprofit Cloud to support raising $130m per year to ensure the amazing work conducted within the hospital continues.
  • Project Lead the Way: Project Lead the Way created a digital space to collaborate with PLTW staff, schools, teachers and community partners. With Nonprofit Cloud, they were able to create a single portal to share content, answer questions and an integrated shopping cart for ordering classroom material. This way, teachers were getting the majority of what they needed through the self-service portal, and PLTW can spend more time on more intensive requests.
  • Barnardo’s UK: Barnardo’s is using Nonprofit Cloud to simplify fundraising and optimise personalised engagement with their growing supporter base. The charity has an aggressive goal of doubling their income over the coming decade to meet the needs of the most vulnerable children in the UK, and maintain that support into their adult lives.

The way I see it, we’re all working towards a common goal, and we all have a part to play. My organization’s role is to make sure nonprofits have best technology to power their missions. Nonprofit Cloud represents a commitment from that we’re going to continue investing in this community, so we can all reach that common goal, together.

Thanks to all of our Nonprofit Cloud partners, who have been an integral part of our journey to this milestone, and who are ready to help organizations of all shapes and sizes succeed with Nonprofit Cloud.

For more information on Nonprofit Cloud, visit our We’ve also included a helpful infographic for you below.

Nonprofit Cloud