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Announcing K-12 Architecture Kit: The Foundation of Education Cloud for K-12

By November 14, 2019

Student Success

By: Jason Fitzpatrick, Product Manager, K-12 Architecture Kit

K-12 schools and districts today are being asked to do more with less: to embrace new curricula, standards, and technologies; to better engage parents and families; and to drive improved student outcomes, often amidst resource constraints. K-12 leaders must streamline the critical activities that drive both school and student success.

As Cynthia Smith, Project Specialist III with Austin Independent School District, says: “Can you imagine having one system that gives us a holistic view of each kid? If we could use analytics to identify those at risk? We have tons of data, but in systems or spreadsheets across the district.” is committed to helping K-12 break down silos and build relationships across departments so that educators, staff, and families can work better together. Technology is a tool to help unlock a school or district’s full potential to collaborate and engage, so staff can make better decisions in real-time and gain a 360-degree view of each and every student.

And we believe that has a unique role in helping all of K-12 do just that; because big, shared problems require scalable solutions.

K-12 Architecture Kit logo

Today, we’re excited to share the next step to make it easier for K-12 schools and districts to leverage Education Cloud to power their next program, project, or process: K-12 Architecture Kit – the foundation for schools and districts to connect people, processes, and data.

K-12 Architecture Kit

The launch of K-12 Architecture Kit brings the power of Education Cloud to K-12. This open-source framework builds upon the Education Data Architecture (EDA) to help schools get from problem to solution faster with pre-built objects and page layouts, customizable reports and dashboards, plug-and-play third-party apps, and simple app development. With K-12 Architecture Kit, schools can collaborate around 360-degree views of student needs and outcomes, better engage families, and operationalize improvement efforts.

“By aligning K-12 Architecture Kit to the Ed-Fi Alliance Data Standard & API, Salesforce is taking an important step towards helping schools and districts empower their student success teams with the comprehensive and real-time data to support each learner.”
-Sean Casey, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Ed-Fi Alliance.

K-12 Architecture Kit is more than a data architecture – it’s a continuation of’s dedication to the sharing of best practices, ideas, and successes that are truly unique to K-12. Your school or district can harness the power of the K-12 ecosystem through our thriving online community of innovative education technologists on the Power of Us Hub. And tap into the Salesforce AppExchange for apps to help with enrollment management, postsecondary success coaching, event ticketing, fundraising, and more.

With K-12 Architecture Kit releases every two weeks, your school or district will always be on the latest technology – from security and privacy to AI and multi-channel engagement. Incremental product enhancements are automatically integrated, making it easy for you to focus on what you do best – support student success.

K-12 Architecture Kit

This is our first release of K-12 Architecture Kit on the AppExchange, and we look forward to an ongoing cadence of developments and enhancements. Get more information or start a free trial today!

Want to learn more? Download the K-12 Architecture Kit FAQs, get the Salesforce for K-12 Education e-book or contact our dedicated K-12 team.

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