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Announcing the Community Impact Report 2022

By September 16, 2022

Today, is excited to announce the release of the Community Impact Report 2022. In our fifth annual report, we highlight how our customers are using the resources provided by and our partners to create and amplify their social impact. Although the challenges we’re facing as a global community continue to compound, our global community of changemakers in the nonprofit and education sectors continues to address these challenges head-on to drive tangible and inspiring social impact. Drives Community Impact Through its Products

We power the purpose of our customers by putting their impact at the center of everything we do. Our customer impact is our shared impact. However, we know that like anyone working to make lasting change, we cannot and do not do this work alone. Our customers are surrounded with support from an ecosystem of incredibly dedicated partners and the best and largest tech for social impact community anywhere.

Graphic with a Salesforce character in the middle Supported the Social Sector by Delivering $1.89 Billion in Social Value

This figure represents the sum total of the dollar value of our product donation and discounts, as well as pro bono hours given in the Fiscal Year 2022. This is an increase from $1.45 billion in social value for Fiscal Year 2021. See the FY22 Stakeholder Impact Report for details. 

What we give — our social value — is just the starting point of our social impact. We must also understand how our customers leverage the resources we provide to achieve and increase their social impact. Our evidence shows that our customers are, in fact, continuing to achieve and demonstrably increase their impact due to these investments!

Download the Community Impact Report.

Helping Customers Transform How They Work So They Can Maximize Impact

Nonprofit and education customers continue to increase their efficiency, as 40% of surveyed customers are better able to strategize and prioritize due to their use of Salesforce. They are also improving their connections, with 49% reporting better communication and relationships with their constituents. In addition, customers are continuing to be innovative in how they do their work, with a whopping 89% reporting that their work has changed or improved as a result of using Salesforce.

Of course, being more efficient, connected, and innovative should lead to more effectiveness — and we’re seeing just that! This year, 85% of surveyed customers reported that using Salesforce has helped them better achieve their missions. In addition, we examined this improved ability for mission achievement by Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to see if customers focused on certain causes were better equipped by Salesforce to achieve their missions. The percentage of surveyed customers that indicated they were better able to achieve their missions was high regardless of SDG. Our customers are able to benefit from the use of no matter their area of focus.

Bar graph depicting respondent answers

Customers Build Social Innovation Capacity With Partners

Our customers continue to make use of our robust partner ecosystem. Nearly 70% of customers noted that they have worked with one of our approximately 570 consulting and product partners last year.

Our Pro Bono Program continues to be seen as valuable for our customers. Ninety percent of customers who took advantage of pro bono support indicated that they’re better able to meet their missions after their engagement. also uses strategic partnerships to support customers around the world. We currently partner with multiple departments within the United Nations, such as the World Health Organization and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, to help solve the toughest societal challenges and to amplify the impact of our customers.

Our Community Co-Creates Solutions to Tackle Problems

We recognize that our community possesses incredible knowledge and skills, which is why we work to co-create solutions with them through several specific programs.These include:

Impact Labs, a collaborative program bringing together employees and community members to co-design innovative technology solutions that address the toughest issues facing us today. Cohorts have addressed housing and homelessness, equity in education, and climate action.

The Commons, where leaders in our community can volunteer to create and share solutions with others. Among contributors to projects in The Commons, 96% feel their solutions will foster greater efficiency and/or improve how work gets done in the nonprofit and education sectors!

The Hub in the Trailblazer Community, an online community for customers, certified partners, and employees to learn, connect, and share. There are currently 143 Trailblazer Community Groups worldwide.

How Measures and Reports on Its Impact

We collected both quantitative and qualitative data directly from customers and employees for this year’s Community Impact Report. The data in this report comes from the 2022 Customer Outcomes Survey; customer interviews; customer and employee surveys focused on pro bono support, Impact Labs participation, and Community Sprint participation; and internal data.

For more insights, download the full Community Impact Report 2022.

About the Authors

Brian Komar, VP of Global Impact Innovation at

Brian Komar

VP of Impact Management & Engagement

Brian is vice president of impact management & engagement at Salesforce where he leads a team that helps organizations measure, manage, report, and improve their social impact. His career at Salesforce spans more than 10 years, with previous roles leading global marketing at and public sector industry solutions.

Eric Barela, Director of Measurement and Evaluation at

Eric Barela

Director of Measurement and Evaluation

Eric is the director of measurement & evaluation at Salesforce, where he leads efforts to evaluate the social impact of global technology initiatives. With 20 years of experience as an internal evaluator, Eric specializes in building organizational measurement and evaluation systems and evaluating technology innovation. He is currently on the Editorial Advisory Board of the American Journal of Evaluation.

Morgan Buras-Finlay, Senior Manager of Measurement and Evaluation at

Morgan Buras-Finlay

Director, Impact Management and Strategy

Morgan is the director of impact management and strategy at Salesforce, focusing on assessing the impact of Salesforce technology. Morgan is dedicated to the intersection of social justice and technology, and supporting the social sector’s effective use of technology to amplify its impact and drive social change. Before Salesforce, she led evaluation efforts on multiple federal grant initiatives, and was the director of evaluation at the Mission Economic Development Agency. Morgan leverages her experience and expertise so that nonprofit organizations may best support their communities and drive towards maximum impact.