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Announcing AI Week at

By March 18, 2019

AI for Good Week
The potential of artificial intelligence can’t be understated. Used correctly, it could empower nonprofits and education institutions like yours to pinpoint student issues earlier and intervene proactively.

For nonprofits, AI can help you raise more money, draft marketing content for donors, predict when a client may be a risk of dropping out of your program, and automate manual tasks so you can spend more time on the interactions that matter.

For higher education, AI can help you can unlock intelligent insights across the entire student lifecycle – from recruiting and admissions to student success and advancement.

Across organizations and institutions, AI-powered bots and assistants could take on more daily tasks, so your staff can focus on what matters most.

But, like all new technologies, mission-driven organizations and higher education institutions are grappling with how to get started with AI and how to use it ethically and effectively.

At, we envision a human future for AI. Our goal is to put this powerful tool in the hands of changemakers who will use it to drive impact and transform education for good.

This year, we’ll be spending a whole week focused on it, in our first-ever AI for Good Week. We’ll be discussing the many opportunities and challenges presented by AI, as well as how Salesforce products and solutions can help nonprofits and educational institutions.

Throughout the week, we’ll be holding virtual events that will give you the chance to learn about:

  • Demystifying AI: Understand what AI really is and why it might not be so scary after all!
  • Ethics & AI: Hear from visionaries on the future of AI and ethical use
  • Einstein Innovation: See Salesforce AI in action, from Einstein Analytics to Einstein Bots
  • Getting Started with Einstein: Learn how you can start using AI today with Education Cloud and Nonprofit Cloud

Join us March 18-22 for the virtual AI event of the year for changemakers!

AI for Good Week

Events and Resources for Nonprofits

On Twitter, all week, you can tweet to us at #AIWeek @SalesforceOrg and we will answer your AI questions!

Events by day are as follows.

Monday, March 18
Nonprofit AI Broadcast: Social Good in an AI World – 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

The week begins with a livestream on Demystifying AI, with stellar speakers including:

  • Dr. Vivienne Ming, “professional mad scientist,” Socos Labs
  • Robin Glinton, SVP Data Science Applications,
  • Austin Buchan, CEO, College Forward
  • Shubha Nabar, Senior Director, Data Science, Salesforce Einstein
  • Andrea Schiller, Senior Product Marketing Manager,

Tuesday, March 19
Read the Nonprofit Digital Magazine: AI Week Edition

Wednesday, March 20
Nonprofit Master Class – Drive your Mission Forward with AI: Best Practices for Smarter Impact: 9 am PT / 12 pm ET

Thursday, March 21
Trailblazer stories: Learn how College Forward and Reading Partners are using AI for good

Friday, March 22

How AI Can Transforms the Student Experience

Events and Resources for Higher Education

Monday, March 18
On Twitter, all week: Tweet to us at #AIWeek @SalesforceOrg and we will answer your AI questions!

Read the Higher Ed digital magazine anytime! Contributors include:

  • Kathy Lueckeman, Chief Innovation Officer, Maryville University
  • Susan Etlinger, Industry Analyst, Altimeter Research
  • Suzanne Yuen, Director of Data Science,
  • Amy Chou, Corporate Partnerships Manager, AI4ALL
  • Kathy Baxter, Architect, Ethical AI Practice, Salesforce

Tuesday, March 19
Broadcast Event: Higher Education in an AI-Powered World: 11 am PT / 2 pm ET, with:

  • Jake Hornsby, CIO, Cal State East Bay
  • Vivienne Ming, Professional Mad Scientist and Founder & Executive Chair of Socos Labs
  • Nathalie Mainland, VP, Higher Education Solutions and Strategy,
  • Jason Belland, Senior Director, Higher Education Industry Solutions
  • Shubha Nabar, Senior Director, Data Science, Salesforce Einstein

Read the Einstein for Higher Education E-book

Wednesday, March 20
Recruit Smarter with AI: 4 Ways to Unlock Admissions Data to Meet Enrollment Goals (Master Class) at 11am PT / 2 pm ET

Thursday, March 21

Friday, March 22