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Addressing Today’s Higher Education Challenges at Basecamp Geneva ’17

By August 28, 2017


Today’s educational institutions face many challenges – rising student expectations, demands for new technologies, shifting funding and a drop in course completion rate to name just a few.

How are the most forward thinking educational institutions addressing these? While there are many external forces impacting these challenges one thing that connects them all is data and systems. In order to use data to gather insights and turn those insights into action institutions are moving towards a more centralised approach to information and systems.

Leading institutions realise they need a 360 degree view and an updated approach to engaging with students and managing stakeholder relations – one that’s connected and brings together siloed departments. Doing this, not only means they can address today’s challenges, but also prepares them to respond to future trends and industry demands.

At Salesforce Basecamp Geneva, is bringing an exciting line-up of sessions to educate and inspire educational institutions on topics around – Data Architecture, Building Connections across Campus, Building 1-1 Student Journeys and Planning Change.

The event is free to attend but has limited capacity. If you are interested in attending, please ensure to register as early as possible.

Higher Education Line-up – Basecamp Geneva ‘17

A Data Architecture for Higher Education (Session)

The Salesforce Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) is a community-driven data architecture and set of best practices designed to configure Salesforce out of the box for Higher Education. During this session you’ll learn how HEDA makes it even easier for institutions of any size to become a Connected Campus, enabling richer and dynamic, 1-to-1 engagement across the student journey.

Creating Modern Personalised Student Experiences (Session)

Developing a modern integrated experience across the student lifecycle is not something you can do in a day, but it is something that every institution can do. Yes, students are “connected”, and yes they expect a multi-channel personalised experience, but there’s no reason why, using the tools available today that you can’t offer this. In this session you will hear about the benefits and approaches to integrated student experiences and how these lead to improved recruitment, retention and ultimately improved student satisfaction.

Multi-Channel Student Engagement in Action (Live Demo)

In this session you’ll see and experience a multi-channel, automated student marketing journey in action. This trigger based journey will focus on having a 1:1 conversation with digital messaging delivered at the right time, with the right message and on the right marketing channel.

Want to learn how to prepare your team and your tech for the future? Join us at Basecamp Geneva on September 28th.

Salesforce Basecamp Geneva '17