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5 Tools for Every Fundraising Campaign

By August 10, 2017

Connecting with constituents. Staying on top of prospects. Running nurture campaigns. Yep, nonprofit marketers wear a lot of hats these days. So, it’s no wonder you’re always on the lookout for new tools or tips to help you automate, simplify, and streamline whatever you can. We hear you. Salesforce Marketing for Nonprofits loves coming up with new ways to help you market and fundraise smarter. It’s what we’re all about. I’m excited to tell you about some new resources that can help you get more out of your marketing automation.

Pardot for Fundraising

Pardot marketing automation from Salesforce can give your organization everything you need to fill your donor pipeline with high-quality prospects and drive results.

There’s so much you can do with Pardot for Fundraising. Check out some of the features that make Pardot the best Marketing Automation Platform for your organization.

Scoring & Grading

As soon as prospects become engaged, Pardot qualifies and quantifies them. Their activity is analyzed and a score and grade are generated, so that fundraisers always know which prospects to focus on. And custom fields will give you insight into this donor’s annual donation amount. Your staff will always know where prospects are in the donor journey: how they’re interacting with forms, emails, and your website.

Robust Campaign Tools

Based on their activity and interests, prospects can be manually or automatically added to drip campaigns. Now your staff will have a library of pre-approved templates, so they can engage with content that’s both personalized and on-message. Pardot empowers every fundraiser to launch and monitor their own campaigns, and track the path each prospect has taken with a complete view of the constituent journey.

Email & Journeys

Your staff can manage all of their constituent campaigns on one calendar. Build dynamic campaigns that guide prospects through a personalized prospect journey by continuously adapting to behavior and demographics.

A/B Testing allows you to maximize conversions by testing subject lines, copy, images and more. Keep a pulse on campaign performance across every channel. Measure campaign ROI and tie converted prospects back to marketing efforts.
Check the health of your funnel at a glance and pinpoint where opportunities are getting stuck.

Landing Pages & Forms

Build branded forms and landing pages to collect information and allow prospects to sign up for fundraising events, info sessions, and newsletters. Now you can build pages once, and know that they’ll look good and work properly on any device.

Easy Integration

Pardot isn’t just integrated with your CRM ― it’s part of it. So fundraisers can see each prospect’s CRM data alongside email, form, and web activity. And they can even initiate a conversation right from the prospect’s CRM record.

Learn more about Pardot for Fundraising by watching the demo video.