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10 Reasons to go to Dreamforce 2014

By September 1, 2014


As registration begins to rocket for what is set to be the event of the year, we talk to Adam Kramer, Senior Project Manager at KELL Partners and ask: why is Dreamforce an absolutely must attend event for Nonprofits and Higher Eds?

Adam’s 10 Reasons to go to Dreamforce 2014:

1. Atmosphere:

Anyone who’s has been to Dreamforce will tell you that there is an unmistakable atmosphere that engulfs you as soon as you arrive. This high energy, positive feeling will keep you in tip top shape as you navigate the world’s largest technology conference.

2. The Keynotes:

Last year saw Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo and Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook awe attendees with their incredible Keynotes. This year, the Dreamforce team have stepped it up again with speakers including: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Al Gore and Tony Robins. Dreamforce gives attendees an incredible opportunity to listen and be inspired by some of the world’s best speakers.

3. Training Sessions:

Dreamforce offers the biggest selection of insights, tips, demos, panels, how-to’s, case studies, partner talks, trainings, and more! The hands-on sessions are particularly valuable and insightful.

4. The Gala:

At last year’s Dreamforce, they held a benefit concert at AT&T Park which featured Green Day and Blondie. This event raised more than $6 million and all proceeds supported the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. This year promises to be even bigger with guests such as Bruno Mars performing!

5. Networking:

There are endless opportunities to network and connect with other people working in similar industries, and with similar goals and objectives. Dreamforce is an amazing way to connect and work on things together.

6. First Look at New Products:

At Dreamforce, you can see the future of Salesforce before anyone else and learn how to best utilize the new features coming out in the next releases.

7. Free Resources:

You can collect free documentation including worksheets, user guides, and books not available online. This way you can create a physical library back in your office for training and learning

8. Meet with Vendors & Partners:

Do you have a pain point that you thought you needed a custom solution for? Chances are that there is an app out there will either solve it or do most of what you need. Dreamforce gives you the chance to talk to vendors, get discounts on apps, and learn what solutions are out there.

9. Discount on Cert Exams:

Dreamforce attendees get a significant discount on Cert Exams, which can be a great incentive for your boss to send you.

10. Fun!

Dreamforce is not just another boring conference. These few days are packed full of an incredible number of fun activities and (not only the concert, parties, trade shows, etc.) but great networking events to meet others doing the same thing as you. Even if you go alone you’re guaranteed to have a fun time.


Kell_Adam_KramerAbout Adam:

Adam works as a Senior Project Manager for one of’s partner companies, KELL Partners. When he’s not working as a superhero solving complex problems for customers, he enjoys volunteering and restoring his 100+yr old house, with a little help from his pet Chihuahua.