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Ethical and Humane Use of Technology

We recognize the transformative power of our technology and its role in being a force for good around the world. At the same time, we recognize that, as an entire industry, we need to effectively ensure the ethical and humane use of technology—in particular how to combat its misuse to spread hate.

We are unwavering in our commitment to being a force for good. Since the Summer of 2018, guided by our values of Trust and Equality and together with, we have been engaged in a multi-stakeholder dialogue with our employees, customers, partners, and community.

We are working to put together a framework for ensuring the ethical use of our products by our customers. One of the strengths of is our incredible diversity of customers and customer viewpoints on issues. And while we may not always agree with a viewpoint, we are guided by our values as we architect this framework. has formed an ethical use council that includes a diverse body of stakeholders including This also includes academics, ethicists, and key community stakeholders internal and external.

We are also bringing on a Chief Ethical Use Officer specific to, This person will partner with Paula Goldman, the Chief Ethical Use Officer at and will be charged with guiding us through this very complex issue.

As we move forward, we will work in lockstep with and as always, we will continue to live our values.

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